Go and love Your self

From the magical writing course 30/6 2021:

When I opened up my heart the magical are always along my way!

Thank You!

Wouldn`t it be great if the magical opened up fully.
I know I am near but I still need some answers, syncronocity and/or  I am just full of healthy cell  all over in my body!

I will be very pleased when I get the answers of all the magical numbers constantly showing up!

I am surrendered by the angels and masters every single day!

Thank You!

I know I am surrendered with magic every day!

I know I am surrendered with harmony!

I know I am surrendered with unconditionel love!

I know I am connected with the  divine!

Efter en meditation, hvor jeg fornemmer jeg er i en ørken enten i Jordan, Egypten eller Israel kommer følgende:

Wonderful women raise your power!

Share this power with others – the whole world.

Go with the flow from the deepness in your heart!

Lift up your neigbours, colleges, friends enemies instead of talking them down!
Sent love to All and feel the love from others!

It always go through and from heart to heart!

Don`t blame anyone neither yourself!

Everybody do it in the way, they are able to!

Women can bring love further round the world to others to nature to the divine!

It always is a ping pong!

Give and receive!

Go and love Yourself!

Then you always will accept Yourself and you always know that you are doing the best you are able to!

Be open for seeking the answers from the bottom of your heart!

Embrace all your feelings …. Know how beautiful they are and receive their messages!

Embrace all the people in the world and sent out blessings for everybody!

Go out and share the unconditionel love and the forgiveness for our ancients!

Are you with?

I do love you!

Med kærlig taknemmelighed

Go and love your self